This week, the 4H Wagon Train adventure blog was supposed to be about conditioning horses for the wagon train.  However, the sun shined in the Willamette Valley a few times in the past week, the waters receded, and this blogger elected to go out and play in the mud with her horses instead of blogging.  The good news is that playing in the mud (a/k/a “plowing”) is a great way to condition horses.

This blogger will be participating in her 4th year of the Oregon Draft Horse Breeders Association Annual Plowing Competition on Saturday.  If you want to see wagon train horses and mules in action, I invite you to come out to this event, rain or shine!  If you are interested in the 4H Wagon Train, talk to any Teamster at this event – they absolutely will make time to talk to you.  There will also be a 4H Wagon Train booth amongst the exhibitors at the event – those volunteers are giving their time to talk about wagon train, so go see them too.  Please share this post and invite your friends.

More than 30 years ago the 4H Wagon Train idea was brought to life by Teamsters who had been plowing in this same competition for more than 20 years before that.  They were plowing their own fields and wanted to find and make ways to work their draft animals for the betterment of their hobby, their industry and their community.  Plowing and 4H Wagon Train are inseparable concepts, and, folks, this week it’s time to plow!

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